Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry that it has been so long.

I haven't been here in a while...

Well, the first Clomid cycle was a success and failure all in one. We didn't get pregnant, but I did ovulate on CD 16!! Yippe!! That is awesome. Also, I had a normal 12 day LP which was amazing. So I called my doctor to figure out our next plan and she said that she wanted to up my dose to 100mg. I took that from CD3-7, and then went in for another US on CD14. CD 14 US showed TWO beautiful 16mm follicules. My doctor felt like I didn't need to come back for a progesterone draw because the last two I had were "great". She said we had a really good chance this month! YAY! so excited! I ovulated that cycle on CD 17, and for the first time ever I actually had ovulation pain. I even had to take some ibuprofen...wowsa! That cycle I had another 12 day LP, but no pregnancy. I really expected to be quite upset, but oddly enough I was able to shake it off relatively easily. What's going on? Am I becoming indifferent? On to month 13. Did I ever mention that I never expected it to take this long?

I called my doctor on Monday and she gave me another prescription for Clomid 100mg. She said that if we don't get pregnant this cycle then we will need to take a "medical assistance break" for the following cycle. :o( I think I am becoming Clomid dependent because the thought of that makes me upset. Anyway, she also said that it is essential that we do the semen analysis this month "just to mark that off of the list". We will be doing that next Wednesday, January 7th. Nathan is being very cooperative about it, not that I would expect any different. He's the best! I hope to get the results of that test in the latter part of next week.

So over dinner on New Year's Eve, I found out that Nate is going to be working in South Carolina for ovulation week! OMG!! I panicked when he said that. He works out of town (and state) a lot, so I really don't ever think to ask. He does his best to schedule trips around ovulation, but sometimes it just can't happen. This will only be the second month in 13 that we haven't had the best timing because of his travel. So, I had already taken my first day of Clomid, but decided not to continue because there is only a very slim chance that we will get pregnant this cycle if I ovulate that week. Also, because of my history of ovulating really late, I am hoping my body reverts to it's old ways and I ovulate when he gets home. So that's where we are now. I will be calling my doctor today to cancel my ultrasound appointment and tell them that I stopped taking the Clomid.

Update: I talked to the doc. She was fine with me taking this month as a medical assistance break. She told me to call her at the beginning of next cycle and she will give me the 100mg of Clomid that I already took this cycle and schedule my ultrasounds. The one good thing I can say is at least I don't have to stress over temping this cycle. I don't think I am even going to do it. What do you all think?


Our Little June Bug said...

Ashley, you are not becoming indifferent. New steps, like the clomid, kinda give you a renewed sense of hope. Even if you don't get pg the first or second time during that step, as long as you know you have another chance... you seem to be more ok with it. At least that is what I found. I found that once I started the fertility treatments, I seemed to be more at peace... maybe because I knew something had to work in the long run? Who knows. For some reason, for me, I knew that I would have to do IVF. When we did it, I thought for sure the first round worked... but I was so afraid to get my hopes up.
Good Luck with the SA! I'll be thinking of you!

Michael & Amanda Soape said...

I'm soo sorry that you are having to take this cycle off of clomid but I agree I think it's best if your almost sure that he wont be there for O time. Maybe it will happen without the Clomid?!?!?!?! It seems to be happening alot lately.