Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

Blah is all I have to say about Mondays!! On top of that it is raining like crazy outside. I so should have called in sick! Hehe. Anyway, T minus 2 days until we do the SA! I am glad to finally be getting this done so that we can rule it in or out as a problem. Know what I mean? Nathan made a comment the other night that made me wonder if he is secretly worried that he is the problem, so it will be nice to get this over with. I may have said this already (I can't remember), but the lady at the lab told me that we would probably have the results the same day or next day. YAY! for not having to wait a week. That would be totally stressful! I guess I better get to work. I have been loafing all morning!

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Michael & Amanda Soape said...

I think almost everyone I have asked about SA's has said that they were nervous