Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crisis Averted!

Have I mentioned how ready I am to be done with this SA? So yesterday Nathan and I talked and decided to do the SA at lunch time today. We were going to go to his parent's house to "produce the sample" (that sounds so nasty). All was good, his parents do not live that far from the lab, so not a problem getting it there on time.

this morning on my way to work, I get a text from Nathan telling me that his Dad decided to work a half day today! And it gets better, "I guess we will have to do the test some other time." WHAT?? OMG, can you imagine my panic? I couldn't even text him back because I was so disappointed. Everything was running through my mind. If we don't do the test today, then we can't do it tomorrow because it will have been to long since the know, and if we...uhhummm, you know today then it will be too early to do the test on Thursday, and Nate is going to be in South Carolina next week. AAHHHHH!! I guess we will just have to wait until he is back from SC!! Can you hear my panic? Shortly thereafter, Nathan called. I almost didn't answer because I didn't want him to know how disappointed I was about it. I mean, it's not his fault that his Dad decided to work a half day.

I answered anyway and he asked if I got his text, I said, "Yes." He said, "So what do you want to do?" I explained that we couldn't do it tomorrow because of the timing, and that I guess we would just have to wait until he returned from SC. I suppose he could hear my disappointment, so he suggested that we still do the test today and just go home to do it. Now, for all of you who might be wondering why in the heck we just didn't do that in the first place, we live a little way out. Not too far, but the timing for getting the sample to the lab could potentially be questionable.

Anyway, we decided we were going to go with it! So we are going home at lunch to "get the sample", and then are going to haul ass back to the lab and pray that we make it in time. YAYAY!! So the SA will happen today after all! I hope we never have to do this again!

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