Thursday, January 15, 2009


I finally got a high reading on my fertility monitor this morning. CD 18!! That means I probably won't O for a few more days. I am hoping that it is at least by Tuesday of next week because Nate is headed out to Seattle on Tuesday mid-day. He will be home on Saturday, and then leaves out again on Sunday for South Carolina.

I have had tons of fertile cervical fluid this cycle, almost since AF left. Kind of strange. I usually do have a lot, but not this month. It's kind of been a big tease. Anyway, I am stoked about the high reading. I had to go buy some more CBEFM test strips this afternoon. Those things must be laced with gold because one box cost me $50!! I am so sick of PAYING to get pregnant!

In other news, I have been working my tail off (literally) in boot camp, and watching every morsel that goes in my mouth. Last week, I lost 2 lbs. officially, and 3 lbs. unofficially. I am weighing on 2 different days because of two different groups that I am working out with. Anyway, I weigh in again tomorrow morning, so I am hoping to see at least another 2 lbs.

I have decided that if I don't get pregnant by summer, I am at least going to be super skinny and in shape. If all of that happens, Nate IS taking me to the beach! We should have plenty of airline miles and hotel points to go somewhere for free. I would love to go back to Hawaii (maybe Maui), but if not, then I will settle for Hilton Head or the Florida Keys, or maybe Santa Barbara. Who knows, but I know that I haven't been to the beach since last May (we spent a weekend on South Beach, Miami) and it is definitely time for some fun in the sun. Particularly since I am gonna be fit!

Happy Friday EVE!!

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