Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Potential kink in my plans...

As many of you know Nathan's hobby is cycling. In the past, he raced in the TX road racing circuit. Since he has had his current job, which requires a lot of time out of state, he hasn't raced, so that has been about 3 years. Well, with baby on the horizon, he has decided that he would like to race again for "one last season". Of course, I am totally fine with it because he loves it, and actually I love it too. I love going to races in these obscure Central Texas towns. We always stay in these shady hotels (because really, where else is there to stay). It is kind of an adventure. Actually, in the past I spent the majority of this adventure studying for nursing school on the road sides of Central Texas. Anyway, so because of this decision, Nathan has been spending a lot of time on the bike. As much as he can, really. He has been riding anywhere from 100-140 miles per week.

Anyway, to the point of all of this. It has been raining here so far all week and he hasn't been able to ride. Our SA is tomorrow morning. I bring it up this morning because I wanted to remind him that he would need to go into work late in the morning. He says, "I was going to ride in the morning. Can we change it to Thursday?" OK...deep breath because my over-reactive brain is already spinning. I said, "Yeah, sure I can call and change the appointment." Then I can tell that he feels really bad, and actually, I feel really bad too. We just have to get this done. We need to know!!

Anyway, so I suggested that we maybe do it at lunch time tomorrow instead of in the morning. This way he could still ride to work and we could still get the test done tomorrow. The only kink to that is that we would have to "get the sample" at his parent's house! EW! LOL!! Not that big of a deal really, but his Dad just had surgery, so he potentially could be home, and I can't blame Nate for not wanting to do it with his Dad home.

So, Nate is going to talk to his Dad to feel out his work schedule. We potentially could be doing the test tomorrow at lunch instead of in the morning, otherwise it will be Thursday morning. Sigh...I am just ready to get it over with.

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