Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well, I ovulated!

Still not feeling totally hopeful for this cycle, but only time will tell that story. I am planning to test on Sunday if I don't have any spotting or AF doesn't visit. I stopped temping yesterday, so that had really taken the pressure off of the two week wait. Other than that, nothing really new going on.

I am working with my trainer to tweak my diet so that I can finally get rid of this 15 lbs that WILL NOT go away no matter how hard I work out. I have been running and etc. really consistently since August, and I just can't seem to lose that little bit. I am hoping with increasing my running miles per week along with tweaking my diet that I will lose all of the 15 lbs. before my vacation in May. That is about 8 weeks, so I should be well on my way.

Anyway, that's enough jabbering for now.

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Cris and Shawn said...

I'm saying lots of prayers that this is it for you!!! You really deserve that BFP!!!