Monday, February 16, 2009

The big O!

Well, I went for my follicule scan on Friday. Great news, I had two 23mm follicules. Those are the plumpest follies that I have ever had! I am so super excited. I didn't think I would ovulate until at least the 16th or 17th, but I actually ovulated on the 15th! WOO-HOO!!

So now starts the two week wait until testing. I am going to try not to go crazy. Good thing, I have a busy couple of weeks, so I am hoping that will keep my mind off of things. I am planning to test on Friday, February 27th.

I am so very hopeful this cycle. Everything has been perfect so far. Follies looked great, sex timing was perfect, everything is pointing to yes! I really hope this is it for us. If it is, baby(ies) will be due November 8th, 2009. I say babies because I do have two follicules, so there is always a chance. By the way, I would LOVE twins! I think Nathan would probably pass out completely!!

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